Sample Family Testimonials

“We can visit more and be increasingly involved in her life”

“As a family we have the knowledge that she is supported and safe and that there is a plan if problems arise, so she is safe”

“Our son had severe challenging behaviour and had a lot of issues before being supported by 1st Enable, he is now a different man with their support team and the boundaries they have put in place for him, which is going well. He is now going back into the community with all the hard work they have done with their structured support”

“Her staff give her the confidence to more outdoor pursuits eg: holidays, meals out shopping and making new friends. This is new for her and she really enjoys it”

“Since moving to 1st Enable, she has gained more independence, choices, level of freedom, greater access to the community”

“She doesn’t seem to have as many severe outbursts because of the quality and professionalism of her staff team”

“The support to her during the Covid 19 outbreak has been superb from both staff and management, making sure everyone was doing the same thing”

“Her challenging behaviour has reduced so much, that the don’t last as long and staff don’t hold it against her. This is because she has such a brilliant and supportive team”

“It has given us confidence knowing that he is so settled and happy in his own home and he is being taken care of to a high standard”

“It has taken a lot of the stress and worry from us, knowing that 1st Enable can cope with her complex problems and they listen to all the family”

“We 100% feel that 1st Enable have managed the Covid 19 situation effectively”

“Since our son has been supported by 1stEnable he has gone from strength to strength, a few ups and downs along the way but overall he’s doing very well with their support”

“I just want to say thank you. The wonderful support that your team and yourself have given to our daughter has enabled is to confidently leave her in your care. We have peace of mind, knowing that she is with people who are both capable and caring. Your service has given our family a much needed break. Your support and understanding have been amazing. Once again, thank you”

Sample Professionals Testimonials

“1st Enable have managed to put a well-balanced, dedicated and professional team together in a highly professional way in a very short time frame. The care package provided exactly meets our very high expectations and criteria asked of us from the initial conversations. The dedication and commitment by everyone involved from 1st Enable to get things right cannot be praised too highly. Having been in receipt of various care providers packages over the years we can honestly state that 1st enable are the best and would not have any reservations in recommending them to others. Their ethos of care and their willingness to always put the client first has been a breath of fresh air”

“I would like to thank you all for your continued dedication to working with S. I have no doubt in my mind that without the care that you have given to him, he would not be as well as he is today and would have been in a very,  very different situation”. Cheshire West and Chester Social Worker

“Across the senior management team there is a wealth of knowledge and skill. The organisations reputation is high due to their person centred approach, skill in supporting people that may display behaviour that is challenging and capability to develop innovative communication strategies”. Social Welfare Insurance Surveyors

“It has been very refreshing to see the amount of preparation set in place to support the proposed move. The commitment to training for staff in this case is, as ever, first rate and leaves those of us from external professional agencies encouraged that there seems a real determination to make this work. It is pleasing that the work that has been done previously has been considered in your plans and incorporated in what is a thoroughly comprehensive PBS plan. Indeed as a result of the hard work and dedication of your PBS team he has been able to enter into a period of transition which has not been threatened by his difficulties in managing his anxieties”. Cheshire and Wirral Partnership, Forensic Support Services

“All the staff I spoke to were clearly passionate about their work and were positive about what we are all trying to achieve for people with learning disabilities”. West Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group

“When I spoke to them last week they were full of praise for you and the staff supporting them. One thing they were adamant on was they felt like they are listened to and most important treated with respect“. Housing Support Officer