Our Outreach Service provides the highest quality care and support possible at home & in the community for people with mild, moderate and severe Learning Disabilities. We believe in providing a personalised service and reflecting this our support packages are always individually tailored to meet the specific needs of the person. Our overall aim is to support people to reach their full potential and we achieve this by facilitating the learning of new skills and confidence building, whilst embracing the value of learning.

Our Outreach Service provides a range of support to help people with a learning disability to live independently and maintain their tenancy. At the same time, we work towards supporting people to achieve short and longer term goals. Support is structured and covers various life skills, including:

  • managing health and well-being
  • accessing work or training opportunities
  • accessing local community groups


We will work closely with you, people who are important to you and your social worker to develop a ‘person-centred plan’ that goes into more detail about what you want to achieve. We then create an action plan which provides details of what support you may benefit from and when the best time is to work with you. The important thing to remember when we are working with you on what you want to achieve is that we work to your schedule, not ours.  As well as providing direct, practical support to people in their own homes, we forge ties with community groups and charities, social and leisure groups, education providers and employers in local communities to help people make the most of the opportunities on their doorstep.