Living escapes

About our Living Escapes

Our Living Escapes services are designed for people with a learning disability and their families, to give them a change to escape from their daily routine and come and enjoy a short break with us.

Our Living Escapes service can be tailored to meet the individuals needs and their family/carers needs.  We can provide regular and reliable services that is flexible to fit in with you and your family/carers needs, and accessible in case of an emergency.

Where are short breaks services available?

We can provide support in the family home or in the community. In some areas we also have building-based short breaks facilities. We can also enable individuals to take a short break away from home.

Can I access short breaks and respite services?

To find out if you are entitled to a short break, you should contact your local authority for an assessment, or ask during your carer’s assessment or the care assessment of the person you support.

You can also access short breaks and respite services using a personal budget, or by paying with private funds.

Breaking point

If you have not received a short break, and feel like you can no longer cope, it is important to get help as quickly as possible – you can start by speaking to your GP, and any other professionals that have been working with you and your child.

How to access this service:

Age range – 16+
Referral Routes
Other agencies
Social worker