Our principles

1st Enable adopts its principles from the NDTI Feeling Settled toolkit which is endorsed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and ADASS. We are active members of the National Care Association, STOMP, Driving Up Quality and we are currently working our way up the Learning Disability Confident Levels.

We have developed a team of quality checkers who assess us against a series of quality guidelines. These guidelines are currently being developed by the quality checkers focus group and are effectively benchmarking services against the REACH Standards.

1st Enable has invested in developing a dedicated Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) Department which directly falls out of our unique PBS culture we have created in 1st Enable. This supports our existing complex services as well as individuals who need extra input from time-to-time, to pro-actively help manage any anxieties and de-escalate incidents.  Thankfully, we are proud to say that most of their work is focused on planning and prevention.  1st Enable are very proud to be part of the Restraint Reduction Network and as part of this drive to treat people in a dignified way we have partnered with Empeiria Training who are fully accredited, among other aspects of face to face training, to deliver training to individual’s staff teams using Certified BILD ACT Timian techniques.  These techniques are developed around keeping individuals and staff safe and is highly effective in our work around transforming care in particular and our desire to reduce the amount of support someone ultimately needs which we believe is a form of restriction.

Our Clinical Director and PBS lead are both IABA trained, which is a globally acclaimed and accredited course on Applied Behavioural Analysis for which Sarah trained at the academy in Los Angeles.  1st Enable also funded and supported our PBS lead in gaining their masters degree at Bangor University