About us


1st Enable have been working in the supported living sector since 2012. Some of our founding members and employees originally worked in NHS assessment and treatment wards, including our Clinical Director Sarah Dawson, who was an experienced ward sister. Working under restrictions, via NHS employment settings, we concluded that hospitals and other registered services were often not the right environment to give people opportunities. So, we set up a new model of care and support, which continues to evolve around the individual.

Our culture is led within a supportive environment and one which encourages choice from the start. We exercise human rights in a carefully staged and engaging way, ensuring nobody feels scared or uneasy about the life journey they want for themselves.

We adopt person-centred tools to provide the best support possible and we understand the importance our employees play in delivering the correct levels of care.

We deliver services in the North West and North East of England, as well as North Wales.